Hunger Games
“May the Odds be ever in your favor!
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Good Luck.”

Current Time:6/26 Sunday 10:43
Current Weather:Mild
现在的禁区是: The Hub Meeting Square Residence N Graveyard Shopping Destrict B
下回的禁区是:11时10分:  Industrial Zone A  Theme Park  Shrine B  Command Center ;11时50分:  圣Gradius学园  Shrine A  School  Residence S ;12时30分:  Hospital  Shopping Destrict A  Industrial Zone B  Tech Zone 

  • 10:30:00,Add Restricted Areas:Meeting Square Residence N Graveyard Shopping Destrict B 【天气:Mild】
  • 09:42:00,ROUND 1079 Hunger Game has Started!